Methoden-Feedback an AXELOS

Ein wesentlicher Bestandteil von Best Practice Methoden ist das regelmäßie Feedback und die daraus resultierende der Weiterentwicklung der Methoden.

Aktuell sucht AXELOS "Reviewer". Wir bitten alle Interessieren aus dem Umfeld des BPUG sich direkt bei AXELOS zu bewerben. Anbei der Einladungstext (in English).


As AXELOS continues to look to expand and grow our portfolio, we are constantly aware of the need to ensure that this is done with the cooperation and involvement of both our accredited and practitioner communities. The very nature of best practice requires that we cross reference any work that we commission to ensure that it adheres to current best practices.

To help us with product maintenance and new product development, we are seeking volunteers to become reviewers for AXELOS products including the ITIL portfolio and the whole PPM suite (PRINCE2, MSP®, etc). Reviewers and their organization (if appropriate) are referenced within our official publications and are an integral part of product development.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for any of the AXELOS portfolio, please email your CV and a brief cover note as to why you think you are suited to the role, to Neil Glover at